aligning movement with your inner journey

Trauma-Informed movement + training

You are a unique individual with personal experiences and distinctive movement patterns.

Learn to listen to your body in a safe environment.
You are the driver. your body is the map. I am your supportive co-pilot.
Let’s rewrite your movement journey together.

Learn to listen to your body in a safe environment.
You are the driver. 
Your body is the map. 
I am your supportive co-pilot.
Let’s rewrite your movement journey together.

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how I support you

my guiding pillars for exceptional support


Every client of mine has a program that is tailored to their own needs.

No “cookie cutter” movement plans!

Self Awareness

I help my clients see their own movement patterns. Once awareness is present, change is possible.


The easier regulation happens in the body, the more information sinks in. The transformation of the mind and body is greater and long lasting.

accessible pricing

I offer sliding scale pricing on my services to ensure that everyone can afford to experience the benefits of safe and healthy movement.

kind words

  • Gabi introduced me to a different way that I could approach my fitness. I didn’t have to go hard with an “all or nothing” approach; Gabi taught me to adopt a mindset of “always something” with subtle forms of movement. [She] taught me to slow down and listen to my body. I now move my body on a daily basis with the mantra of “always something”. Gabi has given me a multitude of exercises that I can choose from depending on what my body feels like that day. I have experienced great results with what seems like very little effort.

    Thank you Gabi for teaching me to slow down, ease up and listen to my body….and thanks for reminding me to have fun too!

    Leanne, West Vancouver

  • Working with Gabi has been one of the most physically healing experiences when it comes to building a healthy relationship with myself. After years of a disordered relationship with working out she has shown me the way to reconnect with my body’s needs and listen to my own signals so that I am able to work with my body in a safe manner and honour not only its physical needs but emotional too (i.e knowing when to slow it down, or rest!). 

    I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Gabi and for the work she so passionately does and strongly cares about.

    Laura, England

  • When I signed up for TIPT with Gabi I have to admit I didn’t really know what I was signing up for. Having known and trained with Gabi previously in a different setting, I trusted Gabi to give me a kick start with my fitness; but I received so much more. This is truly “personal” training. Gabi really listens and provides feedback and suggestions that are specific for you and your situation.

    Angela, north vancouver

  • Working with Gabi has been such a game changer for me. As a multiple Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, I struggled with adjusting to life after my injuries. Workouts were very difficult because my body responded so differently, and I couldn't do what I had done before. Gabi taught me how to listen to my body and to recognize that my body needed a much gentler approach when it comes to movement. After working with her, I am able to have a healthy and manageable approach to movement that cares for my body rather than pushes it too far and leaves it in a lot of pain. I'm grateful to have this new approach and mindset to caring for my body!

    Kassandra, Ohio

  • I recommend working with Gabi to anyone looking for a PT who is skilled, compassionate, and just all-around pleasant to be around. I always felt like I could bring my whole self to every session and that made it that much easier to show up even when I was having a difficult time in other areas of my life. I truly loved working with her and came away feeling stronger and more comfortable in my own skin.

    Caitlin, Seattle

about gabi

My mission is to help women to move in a loving way that’s sustainable and fits their lifestyle.

I am aware of all the difficulties women face in the fitness space for different reasons. It can take a lot of courage just to show up for movement sessions.

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