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Trauma-Informed movement + training


When it comes to exercise and movement a lot of the time you may be asked to separate your body and mind, such as ignoring your body’s signals by pushing through pain.

I combine concepts from inner work modalities, such as somatic experiencing, to help you take back control of your body instead of forcing it through uncomfortable exercises.

My approach to movement is radical, yet gentle. I believe that we need to leave conventional fitness tools behind, and focus on mindfulness and moving with intention.

Trauma-informed movement


Trauma-Informed Personal Training (TIPT) is an alternative way to move the body, in a safe and healthy way. Whatever safe and healthy may mean to you as an individual. My intention is to help you heal through movement. We will find modalities and tools that can be helpful for you, while training or just going about your day.

You will feel like a new person when you start to feel connected to your body. You will feel so comfortable in yourself and begin to express your needs within a session. I teach you to respect your body’s limits and find ways and tools to expand your own capacities. The best part is that this will also show up in many other areas of your life as well

My personalized and inclusive sessions are a safe space for everyone I work with. I use movement as self-care as it has amazing empowering and healing qualities. My intention is to teach you these tools, no matter your activity level or history.

I will help you to turn the corner by choosing a more mindful approach.
I will bring a connection between your mind and body in this sped-up world we live in.

I’m here for you.

my training process

My process of taking you on as a new client is individual to you and your history and requirements.

the consultation

During the consult, we look into what you’re trying to overcome. You may touch on fitness and non-fitness related aspects and why they are important for you.

We discuss what you’ve tried so far, what worked and what didn’t work. Lastly we touch on what you need from me and from yourself to commit to your health journey. After this, if you decide to go forward we will decide on the best-personalized option for you.

I truly believe that it’s important to make my future clients feel heard during our consultation (and at all times), creating a safe space for them.

the assessment 

Unlike most other trainers I don't concentrate on generic fitness assessments. I focus on movement, body mechanics, bone structure, mobility, and flexibility. Tape measurements and before/after pictures are never being used as tools.

A lot of trainers will subscribe similar exercises to you. They do this without even checking to see if it is the best thing for your body. We all move in different and unique ways that are personal to us.

With this assessment, you will be prepared for your trauma-informed training program. I always come to your session with a program, however we never have to stick to it if it doesn’t feel right at that moment. What your body needs might be very different from what I had in mind.

the journey

After your in-depth assessment, you will have your own personal file created by me.

It will have pictures, and videos of your movement patterns (only for your own use, never for social media) and you get to track your progress and healing.

Instead of giving you a 12-week program from day one, my process is much more personalized and fluid. As we peel back the layers your needs and wants change throughout the process.

You’ll never be expected to reach goals such as number of sets or reps.

After each session, your progress is measured in real-time. From this point, I will personally assess what is needed in your next session.

kind words

  • Gabi introduced me to a different way that I could approach my fitness. I didn’t have to go hard with an “all or nothing” approach; Gabi taught me to adopt a mindset of “always something” with subtle forms of movement. [She] taught me to slow down and listen to my body. I now move my body on a daily basis with the mantra of “always something”. Gabi has given me a multitude of exercises that I can choose from depending on what my body feels like that day. I have experienced great results with what seems like very little effort.

    Thank you Gabi for teaching me to slow down, ease up and listen to my body….and thanks for reminding me to have fun too!

    Leanne, West Vancouver

  • Working with Gabi has been one of the most physically healing experiences when it comes to building a healthy relationship with myself. After years of a disordered relationship with working out she has shown me the way to reconnect with my body’s needs and listen to my own signals so that I am able to work with my body in a safe manner and honour not only its physical needs but emotional too (i.e knowing when to slow it down, or rest!). 

    I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Gabi and for the work she so passionately does and strongly cares about.

    Laura, England

  • When I signed up for TIPT with Gabi I have to admit I didn’t really know what I was signing up for. Having known and trained with Gabi previously in a different setting, I trusted Gabi to give me a kick start with my fitness; but I received so much more. This is truly “personal” training. Gabi really listens and provides feedback and suggestions that are specific for you and your situation.

    Angela, north vancouver

  • Working with Gabi has been such a game changer for me. As a multiple Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, I struggled with adjusting to life after my injuries. Workouts were very difficult because my body responded so differently, and I couldn't do what I had done before. Gabi taught me how to listen to my body and to recognize that my body needed a much gentler approach when it comes to movement. After working with her, I am able to have a healthy and manageable approach to movement that cares for my body rather than pushes it too far and leaves it in a lot of pain. I'm grateful to have this new approach and mindset to caring for my body!

    Kassandra, Ohio

  • I recommend working with Gabi to anyone looking for a PT who is skilled, compassionate, and just all-around pleasant to be around. I always felt like I could bring my whole self to every session and that made it that much easier to show up even when I was having a difficult time in other areas of my life. I truly loved working with her and came away feeling stronger and more comfortable in my own skin.

    Caitlin, Seattle

movement packages

I offer sliding scale pricing on my services to ensure that everyone can afford to experience the benefits of safe and healthy movement.

A lot of the best trainer’s services cost a lot of money. I don’t believe it is fair for people with less income to not benefit from trauma-informed personal training. To deprive them of the benefits of movement and trauma healing is not something I agree with.

That is why my pricing system is as unique as my approach to training. My pricing is a sliding scale designed with one main purpose: To ensure that everyone can afford to experience the benefits of safe and healthy movement.

Regardless of what package you choose, you get the same level of care and benefits. I realize that a 12-week package doesn’t suit every person’s needs and requirements. If that is the case for you, contact me to discuss your specific requirements. To make sure that we are a good fit for each other, I always start the process with a consultation.

Please be advised GST is not included.


$1,740/12 sessions


$1,500/12 sessions


$1,260/12 sessions

in person + online sessions


in person

If you are located in the following areas of British Columbia:

North Shore
North Vancouver
West Vancouver
West End
Downtown Vancouver

I offer in-person sessions. These can be in a gym setting that is convenient for you. Alternatively, you can also train with me in the comfort of your own home, as long as we are in the same area.


My trauma-informed approach does not require:
Heavy weights, Gym equipment, Expensive memberships.

For this reason, it is very easy to do zoom-based sessions with you no matter where you are in the world. With this option, you can experience the benefits of my unique approach to healing and training from anywhere.

Even if you are based in the Vancouver, North Shore area, online sessions can still be a great option for you. Book sessions without the hassle of travelling and making plans.

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